Active Holidays

Increasing interest in Active Holidays has resulted in traditional beach holidays becoming less popular and recent surveys suggest that only 1 in 4 people cite sunbathing as their favourite holiday activity.

Lets face it, holidays cost so much money these days that most travellers really want memories that will last a lifetime.

Sitting on a sun lounger all day doesn't exactly give you a lot to look back on. Getting out and seeing the whole country, experiencing the local culture and actually doing something you wouldn't normally do are far more satisfying than impersonating a piece of toast!

Active holidays are gathering ground on the traditional sun seeking package holiday. Sport has now become one of the major reasons people are now choosing active holidays. Whether you prefer an action packed family holiday to keep the kids occupied or a leisurely walking holiday for you and your partner, active holidays cater for a wide range of abilities and interests.


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Active Holidays sales boosted by the Olympics

Since the London 2012 Olympics, demand has increased dramatically for active holidays. The games provided a huge inspiration to millions of people around the world and was synonymous with the promotion of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

More and more people want to live a clean and healthy existence, even on their holidays, so perhaps learning a new skill or feeling as though they are getting a work out whilst seeing some wonderful places, has contributed to this sharp rise in popularity.

Active holidays are not just for sporty people. Stag and Hen parties are beginning to look for alternatives to the traditional boozy weekend. An activity holiday is a good way for groups of different aged individuals to really bond and share in a new experience.

Solo travellers are able to find like minded people to holiday with and older people are much fitter and healthier than previous generations, so they too are also enjoying active holidays.

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